Complex integrated solutions

Complex integrated solutions based on GAGAR>IN hardware
We create and test new Hardware and Software complex integrated Solutions for virtualization, hyper-convergence and software-defined storage based on GAGAR>IN hardware using both Russian and foreign developers software. VMware, Virtuozzo, OpenShift and Kubernetes were successfully tested on our hardware.

Solutions are tested and optimized in our OCP Experience Lab.
GAGAR>IN + TIONIX VCP (Virtual Cloud Platform)
Allows to build a corporate cloud using GAGAR>IN hardware based on the Tionix Solution, which is based on the OpenStack project.
Solution Features:
Creating and operating virtual machines and monitoring them in real time;
Optimization of the resource consumption and calibrating the system;

Creating backups and snapshots of virtual machines;
Automatic migration of virtual machines when one of the computing nodes fails;
Scheduling of operations on virtual machines.
Using GAGAR>IN hardware the Solution showed stable operation, high performance and fault tolerance. Thus, It makes possible to recommend it to the large companies that need to build their private cloud
GAGAR>IN + TIONIX VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
Additional Tionix Cloud Platform module makes possible to organize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using GAGAR>IN hardware.
Solution Features:
Providing users with the virtual desktops deployed on supported operating systems;
Registration of user and system events;
Switching the virtual desktop network to the maintenance mode;
Providing high accessibility and automatic load balancing;
Supporting passthrough of GPUs and other PCI devices to the virtual desktop.
GAGAR>IN + Proxmox HCI
The popular open-source solution Proxmox allows you to flexibly operate virtual machines in a allocated multi-node system GAGAR>IN. It has almost the same features as the Tionix Cloud Platform, but it is worth mentioning that the Solution is based on hypervisors KVM and LXC (Linux Containers).
To build a hyper converged environment (HCI) and failover cluster, you need to use a shared file storage - for this purpose there are several options - NFS, CIFS, Ceph, GlasterFS, etc. We recommend using a Solution based on Ceph, an open-source software object network that provides both file and block access interfaces.
The Solution is quickly deployable and configurable, offering the benefits of scaling out, data protection and easy administration. The Ceph distributed virtual storage layer is controlled from the Proxmox GUI
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